Vertical Shock/Bump Tester (Pneumatic)

The pneumatic vertical shock and bump test system features an advanced design with a high degree of performance and automation. The testes is easy to use and have low maintenance requirements.

The equipment is used for a conventional half-sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, square wave, impact response spectrum function and other shock tests.


  • The system utilises a pneumatic drive which features a simple structure, high reliability and environmentally friendly operation.
  • Significantly improves continuous shock test efficiency with a maximum shock frequency of 100 times/min.
  • Large pulse width and a small overload test are easily achieved.
  • Higher reliability and better waveform compared with electric or hydraulic driven collision tables.
  • Shock velocity can be controlled by adjusting the air pressure.
  • The shock control and measurement system can be utilized and incorporated into the system for manual shock, continuous shock, single shock, interval shock and other test types.
  • The self buffering bae is designed to greatly reduce transmission of the shock force into the ground and allows the system to be placed directly on the floor of any standard mechanical industrial plant.

Technical Specifications


Specification/ ModelSY11-25SY11-50SY11-100SY11-200SY11-500SY11-1000
Max. Payload (kg)25501002005001000
Table size (mm)300 x 350500 x 500500 x 500600 x 800800 x 10001000 x 1200
Shock WaveformHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoidHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoidHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoidHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoidHalf-sinePostpeak SawtoothTrapezoid
Shock Acceleration (m/s²)30~7,500150~1000100~6500150~1000300~1000100~6500150~1000300~1000100~3000150~1000300~1000100~2000150~600300~600100~1500150~600300~600
Pulse Duration (ms)60~0.818~660~118~612~660~118~612~660~218~612~660~318~612~660~418~612~6
900x 750 x 20001200 x 800 x 20001200 x 800 x 20001220 x 1160 x 21001800 x 1500 x 22001950 x 1650 x 2200
Pressurizaton device size (mm)280 x 280 x 940360 x 405 x 940
Weight (kg)1300230023005000820010000
Max. Bump frequency (time/min)1008080503030
Control Cabinet ModelSCH
Control Cabinet Dimension (LxWxH:mm)670 x 600 x 1420
StandardGJB150   GJB360   GJB548      GB/T2423   JJG541   JJG497      IEC60068-2-27

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