Transportation Simulation Test System

Transportation simulation test system simulates roda transportation condition to to assess the capacity of the impact and vibration applied on all goods with specific load. It analyse the specimen’s ability to withstand loading and unloading, transportation, package, sealing and other process.


  • The band approach method is adopted to simulate the broadband random vibration, with each frequency band containing a primary natural frequency to meet the requirement of power spectrum of the frequency band
  • Acceleration factor can be adjusted
  • AC variable frequency control
  • The machine is only needed to be placed on the flat marble or concrete ground for installation, without special foundation.

Technical Specifications


Specification/ ModelSY50-200SY50-300SY50-600SY50-1000SY50-1500SY50-2000SY50-3000SY50-4000SY50-6000
Max. Payload (kg)200300600100015002000300040006000
Vibration waveformBroadband random vibration
Stimulation of the truck speed (km/h)20-40
Stimulation of the roadThree and four highway pavement road intermediate, the lower pavement
Time accelerate level01:01
Height of Specimen COG (mm)< 500< 600< 700< 700< 700< 700< 800
Working Table (mm)1500 x 7001500 x 7002000 x 15002400 x 17002700 x 18002700 x 18004000 x 2500
Power Consumption (k VA)
Dimension (L x W x H: mm)1920 x 850 x 9601920 x 850 x 9602550 x 1910 x 13602510 x 1920 x 14003000 x 2200 x 16003000 x 2200 x 16004500 x 2500 x 2200
Weight (kg)16001800550060007000755010000
Power SupplyThree-phase 380 V, 50/60 Hz
Working EnvironmentTemperature range 0~40° C, humidity range ≤ 80% (non condensing)
NoteThe working table size can be customized. Time accelerated level: 1:4 is SY50 A; 1:.6.3 is SY50 B

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