Shock Response Spectrum Testing Machine

The Shock Response Spectrum Test System simulates shock environment to determine the shock resistance performance of the electric & electronic components. The test system simulatess shock wave and shock energy as occurs in the real life environment, providing a realistic fatigue assessment of the specimen.


  • Test system comes with pendulum enabled mechanism with a simple construction for easy maintenance.
  • Shock energy can be adjusted as per the required test profile.
  • Electromagnetic clutch brake enables quick reaction speed and large braking force
  • Easy to operate and due to automation the instrument can accurately complete the shock test only by entering the angle of impact hammer by the user
  • With a small footprint area, the system can be installed on any standard industrial foundation.

Technical Specifications


Specification/ Model SY14-50 SY14-100 SY14-150 SY14-200
Max. Payload (kg) 50 100 150 200
Table size (mm) 600 x 600 600 x 600 900 x 900 1200 x 1200
Response Frequency Range 100~10000 100~10000 100~5000 100~5000
Max. response acceleration (m/s²) 50000 50000 30000 20000
Dimension (L x W x H:mm) 1850 x 1250 x 1800 1850 x 1250 x 1800 2400 x 2700 x 1800 2600 x 3000 x 2000
Weight (kg) Three phase 380 V, 56/60 Hz
Working Environment Temperature range 0~40° C, humidity range ≤ 80% (non condensing)

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