Mechanical Shock & Bump Tester

The shock and bump test system are used to simulate the repeatable shock environment occurs during transportation.


  • The shock and bump frequency can be adjusted automatically by the user.
  • To facilitate seamless operation, the test time and shock times can be pre-set, and the machine automatically shuts down after the test
  • The security & safety features include door protection, galloping protection, and zero signal protection functions.
  • The heigh of bump tester drop can be adjusted to ensure the repeatability of the shock

Technical Specifications


Specification/ Model SY20-50 SY20-100 SY20-200B
Payload (kg) 50 100 200
Table size (mm) 500 x 700 500 x 700 500 x 700
Shock Waveform Half-sine
Peak acceleration (m/s²) 50~1000 50~1000 50~400
Pulse duration (ms) 20~3 20~3 20~3
Max. bump frequency 80 80 80
Max. drop height (mm) 360 60 60
Dimension (mm) (L x W x H) 920 x 700 x 1240 920 x 700 x 1240 920 x 700 x 1240
Power Consumption (k VA)) 2.2
Weight (kg) 1100 1100 1800
Power Supply Three-phase 380 V, 50 Hz
Measure and control system Shock DAQ Computer-controlled measuring system
Standard GJB150      GJB360   GB/T2423   IEC68-2-29
Note 1. Max. acceleration, max. bump frequency are bear table specification.
 2. SY20-200B is bump tester, no shock test function.

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