Horizontal Spectrum Shock Composite Tester

The system is used to perform horizontal shock test and shock response test. Its Major applications include horizontal irradiation, anti-explosion and anti-knock performance test on mechanical, electrical products. The system installation required special foundation and need seismic isolation from around the building.


  • A fully automatic control system with minimum manual interventions required
  • Shock energy is automatically controlled by computer, with high accuracy.
  • The controller displays the time-domain curve and other relevant response spectrum curve
  • The system is driven by low pressure air, high shock energy which is safety and reliability
  • With composite test stand the horizontal shock test and shock response spectrum test can be performed in the same device
  • The system comes with multiple safety precautions such as electric control, software interlock protection and many mechanical safety features
  • The system is compatible with many test standards and also provides detailed data analysis through a test report
  • Through the integrated design, intelligent control and measurement software, the system offer high reliability, convenience and easy in maintenance.

Technical Specifications


Specification/ ModelSY14A-50SY14A-100SY14A-150SY14A-200
Max. Payload (kg)50100150200
Shock Response Spectrum SpecificationTable size (mm)600 x 600600 x 600900 x 9001200 x 1200
Max. response acceleration (m/s²)70000600004000025000
Frequency Range (Hz)100~10000100~10000100~5000100~5000
Horizontal Shock SpecificationTable size (mm)600 x 900600 x 900900 x 12001200 x 1500
Peak Acceleration (m/s²P100~3000100~3000100~2000100~2000
Pulse Duration (ms)30~230~230~330~3
Dimension (L x W x H:mm)3300 x 720 x 5003300 x 720 x 5004200 x 600 x 10505000 x 650 x 1500
Weight (kg)3000300055007000
Power Consumption (k VA)57511
Power SupplyThree-phase 380V 50Hz
Measure and Control SystemSHOCK   DAQ
Control Cabinet ModelSBC1420
StandardGJB150   GJB60   GB/T242      IEC68-2-29

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