Who We Are

Who is HIACC?

HIACC is the manufacturer & service provider for environmental & reliability testing products. Our product’s reliability & services have won the trust of more than 100+ customers in a short period. We are among few manufacturers in India, which, in collaboration with its affiliate partners, provides complete range of environmental & mechanical testing equipments. Our services have earned its reputation of being the only company which offers less than 24hr customer complaint response time (CCRT) for all global brands.  We provides complex customisation and integration solutions as per various testing standards such as ASTM, IEC, ISO, SAE and others.

Our Motto

Customer Focus

Every product rolled out from our plant is a result of our close collaboration with customers at every stage of its development. Our flexibility in product customisation is result of our customer focus approach.


It’s the innovation which makes a simulation chamber different from the other. Our test chamber not only test the reliability of your product but also simplify the testing procedure with minimum manual interventions and deep insights.

Personal Approach

We go extra mile to ensure our customers gets best in class experience and personal care from us. Our customer centric philosophy is transforming us from a manufacturer to solution provider.

Our Affliate Partners



Dongling is a renowned manufacturer of vibration & shock/bump testing equipment for more than two decades. HIACC brings Dongling's products to India and takes care of its service.



HIACC in association with CME offer customised environmental testing products. This unique collaboration among competitors made insurmountable challenges become achievable.



MELZ is specialised in reliability, fatigue & end of line functionality testing products. HIACC integrates MELZ products in environmental chambers for customised requirements.