Constant Acceleration Testing Machine (Arm Rotating)

The Arm-rotating type machine determines the structural performance & integrity of its components when it is subjected to force (except gravity) generated from the steady-state acceleration (constant acceleration). It is also used to assess the electrical parameters of the specimen in the constant acceleration environment

Features & Functions

  • For the ease of operations, the product comes with full-automatic computer remote real-time control interface.
  • The equipment comes with the manual control option to avoid any interruptions due to the failure of auto control.
  • During live specimen testing, there is provision to supply liquid, gas and power to simulate real condition.
  • The product comes with a live video monitoring system for the test space.

Technical Specifications


Specification/ ModelSY31-30SY31-50SY31-100SY31-100ASY31-200SY31-500SY31-1000
Max.Payload/ Position (kg)30 x 250 x 2100 x 2100 x 2200 x 2500 x 21000 x 2
Acceleration (m/s)30~100030~100030~100030~100030~70030~50030~500
Specimen size(L x H x W:mm)200 x 200 x 150200 x 200 x 150400 x 400 x 300500 x 500 x 400700 x 700 x 7001000 x 1000 x 10001200 x 1200 x 1200
Specimen installed radius(mm)1250135017502250250030006250
Turning radius (mm)1350150020002500300035007000
Start time (min)≤ 3≤ 3≤ 5≤ 5≤ 5≤ 5≤ 10
Stop time (min)≤ 3≤ 3≤ 5≤ 5≤ 5≤ 5≤ 10
Continuous working time (min)60606060603030
Power Consumption (k VA)37373755110160500
Dimension (mm)35004000500060007500850016000
Weight (kg)

Power SupplyThree-phase 380 V, 50/60 Hz
Measure and control systemIPC Control
Control Cabinet modelDBC1420
StandardGJB150   GJB360      GB/T2423   MIL-STD-810F    IEC68-2-7
Working environmentTemperature range 0~40° C, humidity range ≤ 80% (non condensing)

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