Acceleration Kit

Acceleration Kit is used in the high acceleration test in conjunction with ordinary shock tester. Acceleration Kit is fixed on the surface of the ordinary shock tester and the former produces secondary shock on the ordinary shock tester.


  • High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy table is adopted, with light weight and good damping performance.
  • Four high-precision linear guide rods are adopted, to ensure stable operation, without any lateral shock stress generated
  • Specially designed buffer rubber is mounted to absorb the high rebound energy
  • With high elastic pull rope, to prevent secondary rebound.

Technical Specifications


Specification/ ModelSY18-1SY18-2ST18-3SY18-4
Rated Payload (kg)5321
Table size (mm)200 x 200150 x 150120 x 12080 x 80
Shock WaveformHalf-sine
Shock acceleration (m/s²)20000~10000020000~20000020000~30000020000~400000
Pulse duration (ms)1~0.21~0.11~0.081~0.05
Dimension (mm)300 x 230 x 370254 x 160 x 268224 x 130  x 253177 x 125 x 252
Weight (kg)201085.5

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